Consultancy Services - Case Studies

AsystsU specialises in helping organisations manage change across the enterprise.

Our unique blend of highly skilled people, tools and methods enables us to work across different sectors, tackling complex organisational, process and technical challenges empowering our clients to make business-critical decisions. 

We are able to offer highly talented individuals, and small teams, to provide thought-leadership at all levels of an organisation to guide transformation initiatives or empower our clients. This service can also be supported by other key capabilities within AsystsU to create a larger offering to solve complex, multi-national interoperability challenges.

Case Study #1

NATO and the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Initiative

UK Voluntary National Contribution to the FMN Secretariat.

The UK MOD frequently exercises and operates with partner nations around the globe.  The Federated Mission Networking (FMN) initiative seeks to provide a framework for ensuring Day-Zero inter-operable Force Elements and Capabilities to support coalition operations.  As an Affiliate Nation, the UK is required to provide Voluntary National Contributions to support the FMN Working Groups including a Liaison Officer to represent the UK MOD in the FMN Secretariat.  The Liaison Officer provided by AsystsU has an in-depth understanding of producing and exploiting enterprise architecture, integrating capability in a coalition, and the ability to liaise with senior military personnel in the UK and across the 34 Affiliate Nations. 

Case Study #2

UK MOD Digital & Information Technology Transformation

The MOD is undergoing a Digital and Information Technology Transformation and has recently adopted new Enterprise Architecture tooling, BiZZdesign, aiming to rapidly develop a reference architecture to support current and future programmes and projects.  The Crown Servant architects needed upskilling to build on their foundation knowledge of the new tool.

Case Study #3

Marine Management Organisation Compliance with EU Fisheries Legislation

Like many organisations, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has purchased IT capability organically. This led to a disparate network which had become difficult to administer and control.  MMO needed to better understand their structure, processes/procedures, capabilities, networks and information requirements to inform future IT procurement and ensure compliance with future external audits and changes in legislation.