December 9, 2015

The Shifting Profile of Defence

MOD 4 lanes

Our task focused teams are able to meet the challenges confronting the armed forces of today

With an ever decreasing budget and varying threat vectors the requirement to support Defence has never afforded so many opportunities. With the vast reduction in Service numbers the MOD will be utilising technology and outsourcing more capabilities. This offers openings for providers to the defence market.

Advanced Systems Understanding comprises experienced defence professionals with decades of understanding, encompassing all facets of the MOD. This allows us to apply engineering methods and a process of Operational Analysis enabling evidence-based decisions to be made.

We understand the challenge and know how to meet it through:

  • Clear articulation of capability gaps and duplication.
  • Decomposition of complex organisations and processes.
  • Identification of Time, Resource, Personnel and Efficiency opportunities.
  • Clear linkages between business goals, capabilities and current solutions.
  • Identification of cost saving opportunities.