Architecture as a Service - Case Studies

AsystsU specialises in helping organisations manage change across the enterprise.

Our unique blend of highly skilled people, tools and methods enables us to work across different sectors, tackling complex organisational, process and technical challenges empowering our clients to make business-critical decisions. 

We recognise that value needs to be delivered at every step of the process not just at the end, which is why we offer a flexible and agile approach, matched to the cadence of our clients.  This is delivered as a broad range of enterprise, business and solution architecture services to help our clients achieve initiatives across their organisation, optimising performance to achieve their vision.

AsystsU have been at the forefront of architectural methodology development for the past nine years. Having been presented an array of different tools, languages and frameworks, AsystsU has recognised that it is the method which is centrally important and often overlooked. 

Case Study #1

UK MOD and Nato - The Joint Expeditionary Force - Operational Design Model

UK MOD has a requirement to project military capability anywhere in the world.  To facilitate this they require a detailed understanding of the personnel, equipment and support for these deployments. 

Case Study #2

Hitachi Rail Europe - High Level Operating Model and Train Maintenance

HRE historically built and delivered trains to train operating companies.  Now they are contracted to deliver and maintain trains as a service.  As this was a new business area for HRE, they needed to create a new High-Level Operating Model (HLOM).