March 29, 2018

Hitachi Rail Europe

Task:  Investigate, model and propose a new and dynamic approach to conducting efficient Train Maintenance on the new Rail Fleet, operated by Great Western Ltd.  HRE had successfully won several multi-billion pound contracts in the UK Rail Industry.  The hope of Government was to invigorate new and efficient practices, thus aiding an evolution in the otherwise archaic rail industry. Of note, was that the contracts penalize late, dirty, broken and incorrect train types upon handover to the rail operator and thus efficiency equates to profit, inefficiency to financial loss.

Solution:  The HRE brief was safety, reputation and profit.  AsystsU began to ensure this by understanding all information requirements for all HRE activities.

These helped create an Information Architecture which highlighted the ultimate output of all activities. Next, AsystsU conducted multiple interviews and workshops in order to create all organisational processes. These are collated to form a Reference Architecture; HRE’s holistic and enduring need.

AsystsU is now busy mapping the Physical Architecture. This takes the Reference Processes and maps them to actual employee types, equipment and applications. This is a comprehensive run through of how everything will work. It aids in avoiding gaps and overlaps of all types.

The end product is a fully engineered model which is mined to provide substantiated evidence for executive decision makers in all departments of HRE.

The aim is a Target Architecture, supporting cost-benefit analysis for all future change. This evolves in to a detailed Change Management Plan and the ability to conduct continuous operational monitoring and technology over-watch.