March 29, 2018

Marine Management Organisation

Problem Space: The Marine Management Organisation (MMO): responsible for licensing, regulating and planning marine activities on behalf of DEFRA needed to understand the gaps and overlaps in their current ICT infrastructure.  Driven by the onset of BREXIT and a recent EU audit on the reliability and effectiveness of the UK Fisheries system to control and manage responsibilities, MMO wanted to understand where to shift focus prior to the implementation of BREXIT.  The aim was to provide reference architecture of EU required business processes against MMO’s current AS IS business processes.  Through comparison and depth analysis of systems used within the AS IS architecture; reliability and effectiveness of MMO’s ICT capability could be identified, providing MMO with the ability to undertake ‘Evidence Based Decision Making’ on their fisheries management systems.

Solution:  To enable understanding, ASYSTSU were tasked to identify where MMO processes did not align to EU requirements when processing fishing activity documentation for the statistical analysis and control of catch. By detailed mapping of MMO’s business process architecture, comparing this against detailed reference architecture of EU requirements drawn from EU policy, ASYSTSU were able to provide quantitative evidence of where MMO aligned itself to non-compliance. This enabled MMO and DEFRA to focus effort and resource before the commencement of BREXIT.  Having identified the AS IS processes ASYSTSU then looked at how these were currently being supported, providing MMO detailed analysis of the supporting applications and how their systems effectively met their core business.

Result:  The detailed analysis by ASYSTSU has successfully allowed MMO to understand how they currently manage the complex and congested process of fishing activity and the necessary documentation.  The provision of a detailed gap and overlap report has provided MMO and DEFRA quantitative evidence on where improvement can be made in both business processes and system requirements.  ASYSTSU’s ability to provide UK governmental departments the ability to make evidence based decisions from detailed process analysis will ensure the UK  fishing grounds are managed and governed effectively once the UK leaves Europe.