December 10, 2015

NATO Command and Control Applications


Problem Space:  The UK MOD needed to understand the capabilities provided by 10 NATO Command and Control (C2) applications in order to contribute to the NATO Multi National NATO Software Tool Feasibility Study (MN NST FS). The UK MOD required a full understanding of the functionality of each application (termed Functional Area System (FAS) by NATO) and how it mapped to business functions across the breadth of military activity. The aim was to enable UK MOD to undertake ‘Evidence Based Decision Making’, in terms of gaps, overlaps and quality, on which applications to take forward for UK MOD use.

Solution:  Previous work for the UK MOD had identified a method of modelling and had characterised 2 out of the 10 applications, as a proof of concept. AsystsU refined the existing characterisations and modelled the remaining 8. AsystsU conducted a technical analysis of each application, identifying its technical and functional characteristics. In parallel, AsystsU conducted business process analysis identifying business functions. The critical element, that enabled the UK MOD to make its decisions, was then mapping how the application functions support the business functions. AsystsU worked with the client to present the results of the analysis in a logical and easily understood format utilising a number of enterprise architectural viewpoints, defined in the UK MOD’s Architectural Framework (MODAF).

Result:  AsystsU successfully delivered the characterisations of the 10 applications and updated the Modelling Method. The characterisations were presented to the UK MOD utilising a MooD 15 Active Enterprise repository accessed via a UK MOD intranet site. This has allowed the UK MOD to undertake further refinement of the characterisations, especially as future versions of the applications are released, and to act as a repository for any future application characterisations. The characterisations were also given back to NATO Communications and Information Agency, to enable them to update the information they held on their applications.