Hitachi Rail Europe

High Level Operating Model and Train Maintenance

The Challenge

Investigate, model and propose a new and dynamic approach to conducting efficient train maintenance on the new AT300 rail fleet, operated by Great Western Railway Ltd.

AsystsU was tasked with creating the architecture to articulate the organisational structure and processes required to support the maintenance operating model.

Our Solution

We started by creating an Information Architecture to determine the information that was created, transformed and shared during train maintenance. We then conducted multiple interviews and workshops in order to create all organisational processes. These were collated to form a reference architecture which articulated the enduring need of the organisation.

We then created the target architecture by using the reference processes and mapping them to actual employee types, equipment and applications. This provided a comprehensive view of how the people, processes and equipment come together and aids in avoiding gaps and overlaps.

The Result

The architecture provided the evidence to enable business-critical decisions to be made, supporting cost-benefit analysis for all future changes to the train maintenance line of business. This can be evolved into a detailed change management plan and support continuous operational monitoring and technology over-watch.