Compliance with EU Fisheries Legislation

The Challenge

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) who are responsible for licensing, regulating and planning marine activities on behalf of DEFRA, needed to understand the gaps and overlaps in their current IT infrastructure. Driven by a recent EU audit, MMO wanted to understand where to focus their resources prior to BREXIT.

AsystsU was asked to provide a reference architecture of EU-required business processes against current business processes. Through analysis of systems in use, the reliability and effectiveness of the IT capability could be identified, providing MMO with the evidence to make critical decisions regarding their fisheries management systems.

Our Solution

We conducted business analysis to identify where current processes did not align to EU requirements. This centred on processing fishing activity documentation for the statistical analysis and control of each catch. By capturing the business process architecture, and comparing it against EU requirements, we were able to provide evidence of exactly where the gaps in compliance were.

Having identified the current processes, we then conducted systems analysis to identify how these processes were being supported by applications and technology in use, providing evidence of the gaps and overlaps in those systems.

The Result

The analysis undertaken by AsystsU has enabled MMO and DEFRA to better understand the complex and congested process of fishing activity and the necessary documentation requirements, and to focus their efforts and resources prior to BREXIT.

The provision of a detailed gap and overlap analysis report has provided MMO and DEFRA with the evidence to make improvements in both business processes and procurement of supporting systems. This will help to enable MMO to ensure the UK fishing grounds are managed and governed effectively.