Maturing the Architectural Discipline

AsystsU are effective at adopting an existing set of tools, governance and languages and utilising these in an orchestrated manner to achieve desired outcomes.

This has itself evolved over the years to an extremely mature and well-practiced method which can be applied to any project, programme or enterprise. This works across industry and plays well into the GDS concept of User Epics and User Stories; leading our production of ABB’s (Architecture Building Blocks) and SBB’s (Solution Building Blocks). 

Examples of cutting-edge work have been:

MoD DaaS (Design as a Service) Enterprise Architecture Method:

  • Bringing together our organisational know-how to create an end to end method covering Business, Enterprise, Service, Solution Architecture and methods for articulating these to everybody and everyone in the most appropriate and simple manner.

NATO ACT (Allied Command Transformation) Mission Threads:

  • Applying the Mission Thread rules to produce ‘best practise’ examples of military mission threads – models of doctrine.​​

MoD SOSA (System of Systems Approach) Task 108 Mission Thread Approach as a primary source to the NATO Mission Thread Development Guide:​

  • Defining the most detailed and repeatable way to capture and convey military activities as Business Architecture.​

MoD SOSA (System of Systems Approach) Task 102 Application Characterisation Framework:

  • Examining the most succinct and comprehensive way to manage application portfolios.